Architecture (Course 4)

Summer Session Representative
Tessa Haynes
Room 7-337

No regular classes are offered by the Department of Architecture during the summer term.

Current MIT students can take arranged-unit subjects such as UROP, Practical Experience, Research, Independent Study, Thesis Preparation, or Thesis during the Summer Session by prior arrangement with a faculty member.

The following pre-thesis research subjects have subsidized tuition:

  • 4.189 Preparation for MArch Thesis
  • 4.288 Preparation for SMArchS Thesis
  • 4.299 Summer Research Topics
  • 4.388 Preparation for SMACT Thesis
  • 4.488 Preparation for SMBT Thesis
  • 4.489 Preparation for Building Technology PhD Thesis
  • 4.588¬†Preparation for SMArchS Computation Thesis
  • 4.589 Preparation for Design and Computation PhD Thesis
  • 4.689 Preparation for History, Theory, and Criticism PhD Thesis

The following practical experience subjects are available for registration:

  • 4.090 Practical Experience in Architecture for Undergraduates
  • 4.190 Practical Experience in Architecture (graduate students)

See Tuition for details of the policy concerning these subjects.