Minor in Applied International Studies

The Minor in Applied International Studies is designed to help students integrate a practical, applied international experience into a coherent course of study. The minor is built around four key components:

  • Local understanding with a global perspective
  • Theory combined with in-the-field experience
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Independent research

The result is a comprehensive plan of study that allows students to combine academic work with foreign experience to gain the skills and perspective necessary for a productive, sustainable career in the global economy.

The Minor in Applied International Studies consists of six internationally-oriented subjects from any program in the School of Humanities, Art, and Social Sciences, including:

  • At least two subjects focused on one area of the world, including at least one in the social sciences. Qualifying subjects will be determined with the help of the minor advisor.
  • The equivalent of four semesters of college language training related to the student's geographical specialization. Upper-level language subjects (beyond first-year subjects) may count toward the six-subject total.
  • An intensive international experience (MISTI, D-Lab, or other experience for at least two months).
  • A research seminar in international studies and social science, 17.591 Research Seminar in Applied International Studies. In consultation with the instructor, students pick a topic for extensive independent research and, over the course of the semester, complete a lengthy term paper.

Students seeking additional information or wishing to plan their minor should contact Katherine Hoss, E53-483, 617-253-3649, or minor advisor Professor Ben Schneider.