Medical Services

MIT Medical

To meet the health care needs of MIT community members, MIT Medical offers an array of health care services at its own facilities, and an extensive roster of health promotion programs. Convenient, on-campus access to a broad range of medical and dental services is delivered by highly qualified health care professionals. MIT Medical works with all of the Boston area's leading hospitals allow clinicians to refer patients with more serious conditions to the most appropriate specialists.

Visits to MIT Medical are by appointment, with the exception of urgent care, which is available seven days a week (for hours, please visit the urgent care website). MIT community members should call 617-253-4481 or 617-258-0656 (TTY) day or night for medical advice; for regular appointments, call 617-258-9355 during regular business hours. MIT Medical is located in Building E23.

MIT Medical’s Student Mental Health and Counseling Service aids students dealing with behavioral health concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, or stress. They provide evaluations and consultations, brief treatment, referrals, and group counseling. All services at Student Mental Health and Counseling Service are available free of charge to MIT students. For urgent issues, a mental health clinician is on call and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week: call 617-253-2916.

For more information about MIT Medical, including appointment hours, phone numbers, and clinician profiles, visit the MIT Medical website.

MIT Student Health Insurance Plan

Most services at MIT Medical are included as part of tuition. For the few medical services that are not covered, and for off campus medical needs, students are automatically enrolled in the MIT Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Further details, including information on waiving SHIP, is found under Medical Requirements.