Flexible Grading Option

Grading options are intended to provide students with the opportunity to explore new and challenging subjects and to broaden their educational experience with reduced effect on term and cumulative ratings.

Flexible Pass/No Record. Beginning in their second regular semester, students will be eligible to convert the recorded grades for up to 48 units from earned letter grades to Pass/No Record up until Add Date of the next regular semester in which they are enrolled. Any subject of any number of units may be designated under the Flexible P/NR option, so long as the student has a sufficient number of units of Flexible P/NR credit available for use; all the units of the subject must be designated as P/NR, i.e., a student may not designate part of the units of the subject as P/NR. This grading option may be used for any subject, including those which fulfill General Institute or Departmental Requirements, and may be taken at any time. After designation, earned letter grades of A, B, and C will be converted to a grade of P, and grades of D and F will be converted to NR.