Institute for Medical Engineering and Science

Launched in 2012, the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) is the center for human science on the MIT campus. Bringing together a community of scholars from across the five schools at MIT, local-area hospitals, national networks, and global partners, IMES integrates engineering, science, and medicine to advance and accelerate innovation in health through research and education.

IMES’s areas of expertise include biomaterials science, drug delivery, regenerative medicine/tissue engineering, cellular and molecular biology and engineering, genomics and biomedical informatics, machine learning/clinical informatics, structural and functional imaging, biomedical engineering, and medical devices. IMES houses, and is affiliated with several initiatives, including the MIT LINQ, the Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR), and the Center for Microbiome Informatics and Therapeutics (CMIT).

IMES is the MIT home of the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST), educating and inspiring the next generation of leaders who work at the convergence of engineering, science, and clinical medicine. IMES includes hundreds of researchers in the labs of 25 core faculty members, as well as approximately 300 students and more than 100 affiliated faculty members through HST. IMES’s model is devoted to creating conceptual communities and pioneers to focus, accelerate, and amplify the clinical impact of medical innovation. Opportunities for undergraduate research are available through both HST and the home departments of faculty participating in IMES research and through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). For further information, please email the IMES office.