Master of Science in Transportation

Master of Science in Transportation Program Description 

Core Subjects
1.200[J]Transportation: Foundations and Methods12
11.251Frontier of Transportation Research3
Select one of the following:12
Demand Modeling
Resilient Networks
Logistics Systems
Behavioral Science, AI, and Urban Mobility
Select one of the following: 12
Statistics, Computation and Applications
Machine Learning
Statistical Learning Theory and Applications
Modeling with Machine Learning: from Algorithms to Applications 1
The Analytics Edge
Advanced Analytics Edge
Policy, Technology, and Society 2, 3
Select one subject from the list below.6-12
Transportation Subject Electives
Select a minimum of 24 units of transportation related electives in consultation with advisor.24
Students must complete a research-based thesis on a topic of their choice that has been approved by the thesis advisor.
1.THGGraduate Thesis24
Total Units93-99

Credit cannot be earned unless 6.C51 and 1.C51 are completed at the same time.


Special subjects offered by the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (Course 11) may satisfy this requirement if content satisfies MST criteria. Contact program office for available offerings.


Requests to waive this requirement based on prior coursework must be submitted in writing to the Transportation Education Committee (TEC) executive director.

Policy, Technology, and Society Subjects

2.65[J]Sustainable Energy12
2.810Manufacturing Processes and Systems12
6.7260Network Science and Models12
10.805[J]Technology, Law, and the Working Environment9
11.255Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the Public Sector12
11.478Behavioral Science, AI, and Urban Mobility12
11.526[J]Comparative Land Use and Transportation Planning12
11.540Urban Transportation Planning and Policy12
15.020Economics of Energy, Innovation, and Sustainability12
15.038[J]Energy Economics and Policy12
15.230Public Policy and the Private Sector9
15.655[J]Law, Technology, and Public Policy12
16.422Human Supervisory Control of Automated Systems12
16.453[J]Human Systems Engineering12
16.71[J]The Airline Industry12
16.72Air Traffic Control12
16.89[J]Space Systems Engineering12
MAS.552[J]City Science12
MAS.750Human-Robot Interaction9
MAS.836Sensor Technologies for Interactive Environments12
MAS.859Space Technology for the Development Leader6
IDS.333[J]Risk and Decision Analysis6
IDS.410Modeling and Assessment for Policy9
IDS.411Concepts and Research in Technology and Policy9
IDS.412[J]Science, Technology, and Public Policy12
IDS.521[J]Energy Systems for Climate Change Mitigation12
IDS.522Mapping and Evaluating New Energy Technologies12
IDS.526[J]Sustainability Science and Engineering9
STS.477[J]Writing: Science, Technology, and Society12
STS.487Foundations of Information Policy12