Lincoln Laboratory

MIT's Lincoln Laboratory, in Lexington, MA, is operated as a federally funded research and development center for advanced technologies in support of national security.

Lincoln Laboratory's activities focus on the design and development of prototype systems that integrate new technologies, devices, and components. A significant objective of the Laboratory's R&D work is the transition of technology to government sponsors or industry contractors. The Laboratory's R&D is organized around 11 mission areas: space systems and technology; air, missile, and maritime defense technology; communication systems; cyber security and information sciences; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems and technology; advanced technology; tactical systems; homeland protection; air traffic control; biotechnology and human systems; and engineering.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaver Works, which includes the AeroAstro Beaver Works facility, is a campus resource that supports project-based learning through programs designed by Lincoln Laboratory engineers and MIT faculty to challenge students to solve real-world problems. Contact Beaver Works or call 617-324-7457.

The Laboratory offers student employment opportunities, which may be viewed on its website.