Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity

The Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity (LMP) is a center for education and research in manufacturing and productivity at MIT. The laboratory seeks to establish a rational foundation for manufacturing based on a systematic understanding of the complex interactions among the many areas of manufacturing. The three major objectives are:

  • The development of the fundamental principles of manufacturing processes, equipment, and systems
  • The application of those principles to the manufacturing
  • The education of engineering leaders

The laboratory draws upon faculty and staff mainly from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, but participates in wide-ranging programs that involve many other departments and programs at MIT. Since its establishment in 1977, LMP's research program has contributed to innovation in manufacturing processes and equipment, and has nurtured a greater understanding of planning, design, and production operations.

LMP's three research focus areas are micro- and nanoscale manufacturing processes and equipment, manufacturing systems and information technology, and sustainability, including photovoltaics and environmentally benign manufacturing.

Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students are available for thesis research and Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) projects, as are a limited number of postdoctoral research positions.

For additional information, contact the director, Professor Jung-Hoon Chun, Room 35-233, 617-253-1759.