The objective of any minor is to provide a depth of understanding and expertise in an area outside of, or complementary to, a student's major. This depth and expertise must be sufficient to enable the student to appreciate the complexities and issues that are central to the minor, and to perform at a level sufficient to solve realistic problems and/or to make a contribution to the field.

In order to be designated as an interdisciplinary minor at MIT, the content and working skills associated with the program must, in addition, be sufficiently broadly based that they cannot be reasonably addressed by a minor within a single department. Thus, interdisciplinary minors at MIT represent collaborative efforts among distinct academic units, a characteristic that distinguishes them from departmental minors. Interdisciplinary minors may be organized among departments within a School or among departments in different Schools. The interdisciplinary minors offered at MIT are as follows:

See the Undergraduate Education section for general information about minor programs.