Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Engineering

Department of Biological Engineering

Program Requirements

Core Subjects
20.420[J]Principles of Molecular Bioengineering12
20.440Analysis of Biological Networks (Electives)15
Biological Engineering Restricted Elective (choose one)12
Fundamentals of Drug Development
Principles of Synthetic Biology
Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Biomechanics
Physical Biology
Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems
Applied Microbiology
Biomaterials Science and Engineering
Computational Systems Biology: Deep Learning in the Life Sciences
Biological Engineering Unrestricted Elective9-12
Choose one graduate-level subject in Biological Engineering beyond the Core Subjects, including any restricted elective option not used to fulfill that requirement.
Biological Science Elective9-12
One graduate-level subject offered by the Department of Biology.
Engineering/Science Elective9-12
One graduate-level subject offered in the School of Engineering or School of Science.
20.951Thesis Proposal24
20.THGGraduate Thesis 1176
Total Units266-275

Note: Students in this program can choose to receive the Doctor of Philosophy or the Doctor of Science in Biological Engineering. Students receiving veterans benefits must select the degree they wish to receive prior to program certification with the Veterans Administration.  

1Students must register for thesis units every semester they are in the program as they complete appropriate milestones, including passing the doctoral qualifying process, forming a doctoral committee, writing and successfully defending a thesis proposal, writing and successfully defending the thesis, and submission of a final, approved thesis document. The units listed here represent an average number taken during the 3–4 year duration of the doctoral program.