Division of Comparative Medicine

The Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) has three basic missions: education, research, and the provision of comprehensive animal husbandry, clinical, and diagnostic services for all research animals at MIT. The DCM serves as the centralized animal resource on campus and provides the necessary expertise for investigators conducting biomedical research using animal models.

DCM staff members educate the MIT research community in the biology and use of research animals as models for biomedical research. The division provides online training materials for researchers working with animals, as well as one-on-one training based on individual requirements. DCM members teach graduate-level courses in the Department of Biological Engineering and provide mentorship for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and graduate students.  A postdoctoral training program in biomedical research for veterinarians and short-term training opportunities for veterinary students provide opportunities for the next generation of veterinarian-scientists.

The major long-term goal of the research at the division is to develop and refine animal models or in vitro systems that are pertinent to biomedical research. The DCM is home to a large population of veterinarian and translational scientists and is internationally recognized for characterizing new Helicobacter species and studying the relationship of Helicobacter to human diseases that are prevalent throughout the world. New research directions within the DCM include the interplay between physiologic stress, platelet immunology and the pathogenesis of viral infection, with a focus on HIV pathogenesis.

For further information on training opportunities, please visit the DCM website or email Keith Kun.