Real Estate Development

The Center for Real Estate (MIT CRE) provides an intellectual home at the Institute for research on issues affecting the real estate industry. Faculty associated with the center are drawn from across the Institute, including the departments of Architecture, Urban Studies and Planning, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Economics, and the MIT Sloan School of Management.

The center is home to the Master of Science in Real Estate Development (MSRED), an interdepartmental degree program that combines education in design, planning, construction, management, finance, development, and marketing. A rigorous, concentrated program, the MSRED prepares students to assume positions of responsibility in private real estate companies, financial institutions, government agencies, nonprofit development organizations, and consulting firms. We seek focused, committed applicants who want to apply their intellectual gifts to the task of building better living and working environments for people around the world. Most students come to the MSRED program with considerable experience in the industry.

The MSRED program requires 11 months of intensive study comprising 6 core graduate-level subjects, at least 24 units of core electives, and 12 units of thesis research and a thesis seminar culminating in the written thesis acceptable to the department. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, the student is awarded the Master of Science in Real Estate Development. Students have the option of deferring the thesis required to the following fall term, leaving the summer term open to pursuing internships or other opportunities. This option extends the program from 11 to 16 months.

For further information about the MSRED program, contact Mary Hughes, academic administrator, Center for Real Estate, Room 9-343.