Writing and Communication Center

The Writing and Communication Center (WCC) offers free individual consultations on different types of written, spoken, and visual communication. The WCC's lecturers help MIT undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral and visiting scholars, faculty, and staff from every department and discipline at MIT. The WCC is staffed entirely by communication experts: all are published writers and scholars; all have advanced degrees; all have college classroom teaching experience. They can help at any stage of the writing process, from getting an idea to polishing a piece for publication. They give advice about oral presentations and run practice sessions for conference presentations and job talks. The WCC's professional communication experts strategize with individuals to deepen their content; expand the implications of their data, research, and ideas; analyze the conventions of their academic, technical, or professional disciplines and genres; tailor their messages and organization to different audiences; and craft their style to maximize the rhetorical effect. The WCC helps with theses, dissertations, articles for publication, books, proposals of all kinds, conference papers and talks, slide design, papers for all courses, CVs, Research and Teaching Statements, and any job materials. The WCC offers support to multilingual and international students, especially those who need help with writing, pronunciation, speaking, and understanding American culture. In addition, the WCC runs writing groups for graduate writers and postdocs as well as periodic workshops for various departments. Make appointments with the Writing and Communication Center online.