Materials Science and Engineering (Course 3)

Summer Session Representative 
Rebecca Shepardson
Room 6-107A

Current MIT students can take arranged-unit subjects such as UROP, Special Studies, Special Subjects, Research, Internship, Industrial Practice, Co-op, Independent Study, Thesis Preparation, or Thesis during the Summer Session by prior arrangement with a faculty member.

The following internship track and pre-thesis research subjects have subsidized tuition:

  • 3.930 Internship Program
  • 3.931 Internship Program
  • 3.932 Industrial Practice
  • 3.THG Graduate Thesis

See Tuition for details of the policy concerning the above subjects.

3.371[J] Structural Materials

Same subject as 2.821[J]
Prereq: Permission of instructor
G (Fall, Spring, Summer; partial term)
2-0-10 units
Can be repeated for credit. Credit cannot also be received for 3.171
06/06/2023–08/11/2023, M, Th 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM, 4-145

Combines online and in-person lectures to discuss structural materials selection, design and processing using examples from deformation processes, casting, welding and joining, non-destructive evaluation, failure and structural life assessment, and codes and standards. Emphasizes the underlying science of a given process rather than a detailed description of the technique or equipment. Presented in modules to be selected by student. Students taking graduate version must submit additional work. Meets with 3.171 when offered concurrently.

Summer: D. Baskin, D. Jonart