Economics (Course 14)

Summer Session Representative
Gary King
Room E52-304

No regular classes are offered by the Department of Economics during the summer term.

Current MIT students can take arranged-unit subjects such as UROP, Special Studies, Research, Internship, Co-op, Independent Study, Thesis Preparation, or Thesis during the Summer Session by prior arrangement with a faculty member.

The following pre-thesis research subjects have subsidized tuition:

  • 14.THG Graduate Thesis
  • 14.191 Independent Research Paper
  • 14.193 Advanced Seminar in Economics
  • 14.195 Reading Seminar in Economics

See Tuition for details of the policy concerning these subjects.

General Economics and Theory

14.193 Advanced Seminar in Economics

Prereq: 14.121 and 14.451
G (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Units arranged
Can be repeated for credit.
07/07/2023–07/26/2023, M, W, F 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Meets in E51-395 on Mondays and Wednesdays and in E51-376 on Fridays

Reading and discussion of current topics in economics. Open to advanced graduate students by arrangement with individual members of the staff.

Summer: J. Tirole