Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Program Requirements

General Coursework
Select 48 units of graduate-level subjects in consulation with the advisor 1, 2, 348
5.90Problems in Chemistry 42
5.91Teaching Experience in the Chemical Sciences 536
Area Seminar
One of the following seminar subjects each fall and spring term: 630
Seminar in Organic Chemistry
Seminar in Chemical Biology
Seminar in Physical Chemistry
Seminar in Inorganic Chemistry
Thesis 6
5.THGGraduate Thesis516
Total Units632

See Chemistry subjects.


This represents the typical number of units.


Inorganic chemistry students may take, 5.04 Principles of Inorganic Chemistry II, as part of this requirement.


During their first two terms, students enroll in at least 1 unit of 5.90 each term.


Students take two terms of 5.91, registering for at least 18 units each term when teaching.


The seminar and thesis units are based on the average duration of the PhD program (five years) but will vary depending on how long the student remains in the program. After the first year, students typically register for 42 units of 5.THG during the fall and spring terms (45 units in summer) and 3 units of seminar each fall and spring term but the number of thesis units may vary if they take additional coursework beyond the 48 units.