Data, Economics, and Design of Policy

Department of Economics

Master of Applied Science in Data, Economics, and Design of Policy

Subject Requirements

Through a proctored examination process, students receive advanced standing credit for the following MIT subjects which constitute the first semester of the program.
14.01Principles of Microeconomics12
14.310Data Analysis for Social Scientists12
Select two of the following:24
The Challenge of World Poverty
Foundations of Development Policy
Political Economy and Economic Development
Students complete the following subjects in residence, constituting the second semester of the program. 1
14.320Econometric Data Science12
14.750Political Economy and Economic Development 212
orĀ 14.760 Firms, Markets, Trade and Growth
Select one of the following:12
Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy
Psychology and Economics
Industrial Organization: Competitive Strategy and Public Policy
Organizational Economics
Select one of the following:12
Inference on Causal and Structural Parameters Using ML and AI
Environmental Policy and Economics
Energy Economics and Policy
With approval of the program director, one subject within or outside the department
14.399Seminar in Data Economics and Development Policy12
14.001Data Economics and Development Policy Summer Internship1
Total Units109

Students may substitute similar coursework with advisor's permission.


Those who took 14.750 for advanced standing credit must take 14.760 in residence.