Engineering Management (EM)

Summer Session Representative
William Foley
Room E40-333

Current MIT students can take arranged-unit subjects such as UROP, Special Studies, Research, Independent Study, Thesis Preparation, or Thesis during the Summer Session by prior arrangement with a faculty member.

System Design and Management

EM.421 SDM Certificate Capstone

Prereq: EM.413
G (Summer)
1-0-8 units

Practical application of systems management problems within a real company. Teams of 1-4 students are matched with a company to work on a project in which they identify systems challenges and devise methods for solving problems utilizing the system architecture, systems engineering and project management methodology covered in the EM core sequence. Mentors and sponsors are identified for each team.

Internship and Thesis

EM.451 Internship Experience

Prereq: Permission of instructor
G (Fall, IAP, Spring, Summer)
Units arranged
Can be repeated for credit.

Provides insight into the challenges of an organization that develops products or systems. Before enrolling each student must have a department approved internship opportunity. At the end of the internship, students deliver a report, for evaluation by the sponsoring faculty member, documenting ways that the organization addresses product or system development issues and applies the methods taught in the SDM or IDM core. Intended for students who have completed the SDM or IDM core course sequence.