MIT Professional Education

The mission of MIT Professional Education is to provide a gateway to renowned MIT research, knowledge, and expertise. These programs offer professionals from around the globe the opportunity to gain crucial knowledge in specialized fields to advance their careers, help their companies, and have an impact on the world. More than 100 MIT faculty teach in our courses, enabling them to serve and enhance MIT's connections with the global practitioner community.

Short Programs. For over 60 years, Short Programs has addressed the professional education needs of more than 86,000 science and technology professionals worldwide. Short Programs offers more than 50 courses in fields ranging from biotechnology to energy to systems engineering in two-to-five-day sessions. Courses are taught primarily in the summer by MIT faculty who are leaders in their fields. Possibilities range from a five-day course on controlled-release drug delivery with the biomedical engineering professor who invented the system to a hands-on week-long course on building and testing imaging radar systems. These intensive courses are designed for busy professionals who wish to gain new career tools and insights about the impact of evolving technologies. 

Digital Programs. MIT Professional Education Digital Programs aims to deliver timely, relevant programs to a global audience using online platforms, including the open-sourced online education platform developed by edX. Online learning affords a flexible schedule that allows busy professionals to take courses at their own convenience, access to advanced professional training from MIT faculty without the need for travel to the MIT campus, and networking opportunities with a diverse population of fellow participants from a vast array of industries and disciplines. 

Advanced Study Program (ASP).  ASP is a non-degree program that offers an opportunity for working professionals and exceptional graduate students to enroll in MIT classes as non-degree students for a semester, year, or longer. This self-directed program allows ASP fellows to learn from the Institute’s renowned faculty and participate in cutting-edge research. Unlike degree programs, there are no required classes. Students come to ASP to pursue academic and professional goals that they have set for themselves, and may apply to classes from the full MIT course catalog. Students may be part-time or full-time, and can enroll in anywhere from one to four classes. Because students design their own course loads, the program can be tailored to fit both their schedules and educational aspirations.

Custom Programs. These programs address corporate education needs and strategic goals through custom educational programs. MIT Professional Education staff work closely with organizations to help define company needs and goals, and then involve MIT faculty to design a targeted-needs-based learning experience. Courses can be a single week or several weeks over a year with interrelated projects. These specialized courses can be delivered at MIT, the company site, or off site.

International Programs. The MIT Professional Education International Programs offer specialized courses that range from two to five days at your company site, or at an off-site location in your region. International Programs apply research insights to your organization’s and country’s real-world challenges while developing productive new networks among employees. Courses can be selected from the list on the Short Programs site. These courses are frequently offered to provide a large group or department a solid foundation in a strategic science or technology area.

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