This page lets you know of important updates or corrections to academic information in the MIT Bulletin that have occurred since its release in August.

Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences
CI-M designation for subject 9.18 was removed.

Bachelor of Science in Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Units in Major have been corrected to 144–150, and Total Units Beyond the GIRs have been corrected to 180.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Computer Science Degree Chart (Course 18-C)
Added 6.00 as an excluded Restricted Elective (see footnote 5).

Interdisciplinary Minor in Middle Eastern Studies
Correction to Area III Social Sciences options—21H.381J Women and War is among the options to select from. Its units should not be counted towards the total units required for the minor. The correct total units required for the minor are 72.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Russian and Eurasian Studies
Correction to Area II Humanities and the Arts options—The units for 21G.618 or 21G.077 should not be included in the total units required for minor. The correct 72 total units required for the minor are 72.

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