Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Interdisciplinary Graduate Degrees

Computation for Design and Optimization

SMComputation for Design and Optimization 1

Computational and Systems Biology (CSB)

PhDComputational and Systems Biology 1

Computational Science and Engineering

PhDComputational Science and Engineering 1

Computer Science and Molecular Biology (Course 6-7)

MEngComputer Science and Molecular Biology 1

Design and Management (Integrated Design and Management & System Design and Management)

SMEngineering and Management 1

Health Sciences and Technology (HST)

SMHealth Sciences and Technology
MDMedical Sciences (degree from Harvard Medical School)
ScD, PhDHealth Sciences and Technology
ScD, PhDHealth Sciences and Technology—Bioastronautics
ScD, PhDHealth Sciences and Technology—Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics
ScD, PhDHealth Sciences and Technology—Medical Engineering and Medical Physics
ScD, PhDHealth Sciences and Technology—Speech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology

Oceanography and Applied Ocean Science and Engineering

SMOceanographic Engineering 2
ScD, PhDApplied Ocean Science and Engineering
ScD, PhDBiological Oceanography
ScD, PhDChemical Oceanography
ScD, PhDMarine Geology and Geophysics
ScD, PhDPhysical Oceanography

Leaders for Global Operations

SM/MBAEngineering/Management 1


PhDMicrobiology 1

Operations Research

SMOperations Research 1
PhDOperations Research 1

Polymers and Soft Matter

PhDPolymers and Soft Matter 1

Supply Chain Management


Technology and Policy

SMTechnology and Policy


SMTransportation 1
PhDTransportation 1

With the exception of engineering, the SM is only available as an interim degree for doctoral candidates or for those who leave the program before the completion of the doctoral degree.