MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative

The MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI) advances science, engineering, policy and social science, design, the humanities, and the arts toward a people-centric and planet-positive future.

Founded in 2014, ESI’s overarching goal is to accelerate solutions to the world’s environmental challenges. To do so, ESI channels MIT’s research and education capacity to advance science, invent technologies, and innovate policies for mitigating carbon emissions and adapting to a changing climate in the face of global development needs and growing pressures on natural resources. ESI also leverages MIT’s proven convening power to engage with key stakeholders and decision-makers in supporting the deployment of solutions worldwide.

ESI’s approach is fundamentally multidisciplinary. Education priorities include an undergraduate minor in Environment and Sustainability open to students in all majors, and the incorporation of environmental content into the GIRs.  Research priorities include climate science and earth systems; cities and infrastructure; and sustainable production and consumption.

ESI is directed by John E. Fernández, professor of architecture. For more information, please email headquarters.