MIT Portugal Program

The MIT Portugal Program (MPP) was launched in 2006 by MIT and the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology, and Higher Education as a large-scale international collaboration bringing together MIT and leading universities, industry, and government in Portugal. The aim of this partnership is to strengthen Portugal’s knowledge base and international competitiveness through a strategic investment in people, knowledge, and ideas in innovative technology sectors.

MPP has developed PhD and master's programs in four key areas—Bioengineering Systems, Sustainable Energy Systems, Transportation Systems, and Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing. Collaborative research projects involve faculty, students, and industry from both sides of the Atlantic. In general, MPP activities include faculty and students from MIT departments in all five schools at the Institute. MIT faculty regularly contribute to PhD and master's courses in Portugal, either in person or via videoconference. MIT students working with MIT faculty involved in the program, might make research trips to Portugal to enhance collaborative relationships on joint projects and serve as research (and occasionally teaching) assistants. In addition, MPP supports MISTI Portugal, which offers internship opportunities for MIT students to conduct research related to their work at Portuguese companies.

For further information, contact Christian Prothmann, director of research.