Institute for Work and Employment Research

The Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER) is an MIT-wide multidisciplinary research and educational unit located within MIT Sloan School of Management. Since its establishment in 1937 (as the MIT Industrial Relations Section), IWER has conducted research devoted to the full range of issues related to work, labor and employment relations, human resource management, labor market issues, and related public policies. Participating faculty are drawn from the Sloan School and the departments of Economics, Political Science, Anthropology, and Urban Studies and Planning.

IWER faculty and graduate students conduct research on the broad range of issues related to the role of work and employment in the contemporary economy and society, including labor-management relations, human resource strategies and practices in both mature and new entrepreneurial organizations, work and family relationships, human capital and corporate governance, labor market theory and policy analysis, the changing nature of work and occupations, negotiations theory and practice, dispute resolution, and labor and employment policy. In 2016 IWER launched a "Good Companies, Good Jobs Initiative" to expand its teaching, research, and outreach to encourage a deeper understanding of how to expand the number of employment relationships that achieve high levels of organizational performance and support good jobs and careers.

The institute administers a PhD program and fellowships primarily for students enrolled in the MIT Sloan PhD program, but students from other departments at MIT are encouraged to become members of IWER, participate in weekly seminars, and work closely with faculty members. The seminar series on Changes and Challenges in the World of Work is held every Tuesday, bringing together faculty and students at MIT and in the Boston area to discuss work in progress and serving as a major focal point for interest in this field.

IWER's co-directors are Thomas A. Kochan and Paul Osterman. For more information, contact Katherine Bertman, Room E62-331, 617-253-8515, fax 617-253-2660.