Office of Digital Learning

MIT undergraduate and graduate students can become involved in research and in creating digital courses, modules and tools, which can serve as vehicles to advance understanding of pedagogy and learning.

The MITx Digital Learning Lab is a collaborative program between the Office of Digital Learning (ODL) and MIT's academic departments with a mission to learn about, progress and innovate in digital learning on campus and beyond. Members of the Digital Learning Lab (Digital Learning Scientists and Digital Learning Fellows) serve as ambassadors to MIT departments, collaborating with faculty in developing and delivering digital learning projects.

There are opportunities for postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate students to join individual course teams or undertake digital learning projects. MITx UROPS have developed a host of tools from mathlets—highly interactive applets designed to enhance STEM classes—to Shakespeare Visualizations. For more information, contact ODL.

ODL also sponsors K-12 Science Videos. This is an educational outreach program, where MIT students produce original digital media and live programming that seeks to educate middle and high school students about science while sparking their curiosity and interest. MIT students can host videos or serve as fellows, who contribute to the program at large including media, technology, and community outreach.

Students interested in exploring an opportunity to intern should contact ODL to discuss possibilities.