Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship

The Legatum Center empowers the MIT community to accelerate social and economic progress across the developing world through innovation-driven entrepreneurship (IDE). To realize this mission, the center administers a series of action-oriented activities, including:

  • A competitive fellowship program for incoming and current MIT students who have demonstrated a commitment to building and scaling impact in the developing world through their entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Seed grants for students looking to explore and experience IDE opportunities in the field.
  • Research assistantships for students looking to understand and develop programmatic and policy interventions for “on the ground” system change in the developing world through IDE.
  • An annual series of events, including an anchor conference and monthly speaker events, to promote and shape discourse on bottom-up development and system change through IDE.

The Legatum Center is directed by Georgina Campbell, and the faculty director is Professor Fiona Murray. For more information, contact the center