Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) invites undergraduates to participate in a wide range of research activities that are available in every academic department and most interdisciplinary laboratories and centers in collaboration with MIT faculty.

There are many advantages to becoming involved in such pursuits as early as possible in an undergraduate career: establishing ties to faculty, investigating a potential major, acquiring data-gathering and laboratory techniques, exploring the frontiers of a field, undertaking topics not amenable to the classroom, facing a real-world problem, and establishing a focus for educational experiences. Through UROP, students may gain a better understanding of the intellectual process of inquiry, while having the opportunity to experience personal and professional growth. Students may earn pay or academic credit, or may work on a volunteer basis. Whatever the chosen mode, all UROP work is expected to be worth academic credit.

Guidelines for participating are available online. This website lists UROP contacts for Institute departments, laboratories, and centers. While these people are prepared to assist students, a certain amount of footwork and negotiation is required to achieve a satisfying collaboration. The UROP experience is unlike any other; its benefits and rewards are great, but expectations and standards are commensurate. For advice and assistance, contact the UROP Office in Room 7-104, 617-253-7306.