Clinical Research Center

Supported by the Vice President for Research and a longstanding National Institutes of Health Clinical Translational Award, the Clinical Research Center (CRC) is the nexus of human research at MIT. The CRC empowers researchers to conduct human subject investigations safely, ethically, and efficiently, translating scientific discoveries into transformative improvements in human health and well-being.

The Clinical Research Center streamlines the process of designing and performing experiments so scientists can concentrate on their research. CRC staff have deep expertise in medicine, policy, and regulations. Teams of clinicians and scientists guide projects from the initial planning stages through data gathering and analysis, and successful navigation of COUHES regulations.

As part of the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES), the CRC links MIT’s culture of innovation to the global healthcare community. Relationships with many leading medical centers enable clinicians and researchers to exchange data, expertise, and care solutions.

Opening in January 2021, new facilities will feature state-of-the-art equipment and flexible spaces to accommodate the full range of human subject research, with an emphasis on supporting accelerated medical innovation and health and wellness applications. Researchers can measure a full range of clinical standards of care using tools that include everything from wireless vital sign sensors to high-resolution ultrasound. The Clinical Research Center’s reconfigurable space will be an “evolutionary test bed” that can simulate controlled conditions and will be outfitted with an array of motion capture and thermal camera equipment, floor force plates, and environmental sensors. Other fully configurable rooms and a robust workshop will allow investigators to run wet or dry experimental protocols with clinical oversight and make real-time repairs or adjustments on site. For further information, please contact Dr. Catherine Ricciardi, director of the Clinical Research Center’s operations, E25-201, 617-253-6331, or email the CRC.