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EC.715 D-Lab: Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Environmental Innovations for the Common Good

Prereq: None
U (Fall)
9 Units

Focuses on disseminating Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) or water/environment innovations in developing countries and underserved communities worldwide. Structured around field-based learning, case studies, lectures and videos in which teams propose an idea and are mentored through the process of bringing that innovation to fruition. Emphasizes core WASH and water/environment principles, culture-specific solutions, tools for start-ups, appropriate and sustainable technologies, behavior change, social marketing, building partnerships, and the theory and practice of innovation diffusion. Term project entails entering the IDEAS or other competition(s) while implementing a WASH or water/environment innovation in a specific locale. Guest lectures on specific real-world WASH and water/environment projects which have been disseminated by MIT faculty, students, alumni, and others. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.Limited to 30.

S. E. Murcott

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Subject meets with 11.474