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CMS.THU Undergraduate Thesis in Comparative Media Studies

Prereq: CMS.THT
U (Fall, IAP, Spring, Summer)
Units arranged

The CMS Undergraduate Thesis is a substantial research project or comparable exercise. A written thesis ranges in length from 35 to 50 pages. Digital projects are assessed on the quality of research and argumentation, as well as presentation, and must include a substantial written component. Student gives an oral presentation of his/her thesis at the end of the term. Thesis is not required for CMS majors.


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Can be repeated for credit.

Humanities and Engineering (Course 21E)

...1 A pre-thesis tutorial (CMS.THT) and thesis (CMS.THU), totaling 18 units of...

Humanities and Science (Course 21S)

...1 A pre-thesis tutorial ( CMS.THT ) and thesis ( CMS.THU ), totaling 18 units of...

Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

...units of engineering topics. Thus, concentrations must prescribed by the CMS/Writing Program must...

Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Comparative Media Studies/Writing combines the study of contemporary media (film, television, social media, and digital interactive forms) with the study of creative and journalistic practices of producing these and other forms of modern fiction, poetry, film, and non-fiction prose. The section offers two undergraduate majors, one in Comparative Media Studies and another in Writing, as well as two graduate SM degrees in Comparative Media Studies and Science Writing. The curriculum seeks to encourage students to think across various forms of media and to learn about contemporary forms of media through the practices of creating and producing them. The program in Comparative Media Studies/Writing is home to two centers that serve as key resources to the MIT community. The MIT Writing and Communication Center offers free individual consultation on communication on an appointment or drop-in basis to all members of the MIT community, as well as other services. For more information about the WCC and other academic resources for students, see Academic Resources . The Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication (WRAP) staff helps provide the integration of instruction and feedback in writing and speaking in subjects in all undergraduate departments and programs. For information about all of WRAP's services, visit the WRAP website .