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CMS.622 Applying Media Technologies in the Arts and Humanities

Prereq: None
Acad Year 2017-2018: Not offered
Acad Year 2018-2019: U (Fall)

12 Units. HASS-A

Introduces students to the use of new media technologies to design and develop fresh approaches to creating new content in the arts and humanities. Students explore the rapidly expanding world of contemporary media technologies through team work in which they choose from a selection of approaches such as mobile data, civic media, digital humanities, and game prototyping to create novel media objects or compositions. Readings include a selection of classic and contemporary critical and design works from the arts and humanities.

J. Paradis

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Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

...In 16.621 / 16.622 , students conceive, prescribed by the CMS/Writing Program must...