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6.717 6.717[J] Design and Fabrication of Microelectromechanical Systems

Prereq: 6.003 or 2.003[J], Physics II (GIR); or permission of instructor
U (Spring)
12 Units

Provides an introduction to microsystem design. Covers material properties, microfabrication technologies, structural behavior, sensing methods, electromechanical actuation, thermal actuation and control, multi-domain modeling, noise, and microsystem packaging. Applies microsystem modeling, and manufacturing principles to the design and analysis a variety of microscale sensors and actuators (e.g., optical MEMS, bioMEMS, and inertial sensors). Emphasizes modeling and simulation in the design process. Students taking the graduate version complete additional assignments.


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Same subject as 2.374[J]
Subject meets with 2.372[J], 6.777[J]