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6.302 Feedback System Design

Prereq: 6.003, 2.003[J], or 16.002
U (Spring)
12 Units

Learn-by-design introduction to continuous and discrete-time system modeling and feedback control. Topics include performance metrics; time- and frequency-domain model extraction: classical control topics, such as dominant pole, PID, and lead-lag compensation; and state-space control topics, such as eigenvalue assignment, linear-quadratic regulators, and observer systems. In lab, students combine circuits, sensors, actuators, algorithms, and a high-performance micro-controller to address problems such as controlling the angle of a propeller-levitated robot arm, stabilizing magnetic levitation, accelerating scans in a tilted-mirror laser imager, eliminating interference in a PWM-based audio amplifier, balancing a two-wheel vehicle, or multi-axis positioning.

J. D. Steinmeyer, J. K. White

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Subject meets with 6.320