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6.115 Microcomputer Project Laboratory

Prereq: 6.002, 6.003, 6.004, or 6.007
U (Spring)
12 Units. Institute LAB

Introduces analysis and design of embedded systems. Microcontrollers provide adaptation, flexibility, and real-time control. Emphasizes construction of complete systems, including a five-axis robot arm, a fluorescent lamp ballast, a tomographic imaging station (e.g., a CAT scan), and a simple calculator. Presents a wide range of basic tools, including software and development tools, programmable system on chip, peripheral components such as A/D converters, communication schemes, signal processing techniques, closed-loop digital feedback control, interface and power electronics, and modeling of electromechanical systems. Includes a sequence of assigned projects, followed by a final project of the student's choice, emphasizing creativity and uniqueness. Provides instruction in written and oral communication. To satisfy the independent inquiry component of this subject, students expand the scope of their laboratory project.

S. B. Leeb

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Subject meets with 6.1151


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