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3.985 3.985[J] Archaeological Science

Prereq: Chemistry (GIR) or Physics I (GIR)
U (Spring)
9 Units. HASS-S

Pressing issues in archaeology as an anthropological science. Stresses the natural science and engineering methods archaeologists use to address these issues. Reconstructing time, space, and human ecologies provides one focus; materials technologies that transform natural materials to material culture provide another. Topics include 14C dating, ice core and palynological analysis, GIS and other remote sensing techniques for site location, organic residue analysis, comparisons between Old World and New World bronze production, invention of rubber by Mesoamerican societies, analysis and conservation of Dead Sea Scrolls.

H. N. Lechtman

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Same subject as 5.24[J], 12.011[J]

Archaeology and Materials (Course 3-C)

Degree Chart for Bachelor of Science in Archaeology and Materials as Recommended by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (Course 3-C)