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3.063 Polymer Physics

Prereq: 3.012
U (Fall)
12 Units

The mechanical, optical, electrical, and transport properties of polymers and other types of "soft matter" are presented with respect to the underlying physics and physical chemistry of polymers and colloids in solution, and solid states. Topics include how enthalpy and entropy determine conformation, molecular dimensions and packing of polymer chains and colloids and supramolecular materials. Examination of the structure of glassy, crystalline, and rubbery elastic states of polymers; thermodynamics of solutions, blends, crystallization; liquid crystallinity, microphase separation, and self-assembled organic-inorganic nanocomposites. Case studies of relationships between structure and function in technologically important polymeric systems. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.

A. Alexander-Katz, G. Rutledge

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