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22.081 22.081[J] Introduction to Sustainable Energy

Prereq: Permission of instructor
U (Fall)
12 Units

Assessment of current and potential future energy systems. Covers resources, extraction, conversion, and end-use technologies, with emphasis on meeting 21st-century regional and global energy needs in a sustainable manner. Examines various renewable and conventional energy production technologies, energy end-use practices and alternatives, and consumption practices in different countries. Investigates their attributes within a quantitative analytical framework for evaluation of energy technology system proposals. Emphasizes analysis of energy propositions within an engineering, economic and social context. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.Limited to juniors and seniors.

M. W. Golay

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Same subject as 2.650[J], 10.291[J]
Subject meets with 1.818[J], 2.65[J], 10.391[J], 11.371[J], 22.811[J]