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21H.390 Theories and Methods in the Study of History

Prereq: Two History subjects or permission of instructor
U (Fall)
12 Units. HASS-H

Examines the distinctive ways in which historians in different parts of the world have approached the task of writing history. Explores methodologies used, such as political, social, economic, cultural, and popular histories through the reading and discussion of relevant and innovative texts. Introduces a variety of sources (archival documents, statistical data, film, fiction, memoirs, artifacts, and images) and the ways they can be used to research, interpret, and present the past. Assignments include an original research paper. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.

C. Capozzola

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Subject meets with 21H.991


History is the study of the recorded past. Since interest in the past is closely linked with a desire to understand the present, the history curriculum at MIT is tailored in part to put the modern world in historical perspective. Subjects explore the social, cultural, economic, and political transformations that shape the present; and efforts are made to suggest where traditional assumptions remain in present-day politics, society, and culture. The curriculum seeks to encourage both an understanding of the human past and the development of skills necessary to express that knowledge effectively.


...of the Roman Republic , 21H.240 The World of Charlemagne , 21H.390 Theories and Methods...