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21G.347 Social and Literary Trends in Contemporary Short French Fiction

Prereq: One intermediate subject in French or permission of instructor
Acad Year 2017-2018: U (Spring)
Acad Year 2018-2019: Not offered

12 Units. HASS-H

Examines short stories and short novels published in France during the past 20 years, with emphasis on texts related to the dominant social and cultural trends. Themes include the legacy of France's colonial experience, the re-examination of its wartime past, memory and the Holocaust, the specter of AIDS, changing gender relationships, new families, the quest for personal identity, and immigration narratives. Covers a wide variety of authors, including Christine Angot, Nina Bouraoui, Herve Guibert, and Patrick Modiano. Taught in French.

P. Autreaux

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