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21G.326 Global Africa: Creative Cultures (New)

Prereq: 21G.304 or permission of instructor
Acad Year 2017-2018: U (Spring)
Acad Year 2018-2019: Not offered

13 Units. HASS-H

Examines contemporary and historical cultural production on and from Africa across a range of registers, including literary, musical and visual arts, material culture, and science and technology. Employs key theoretical concepts from anthropology and social theory to analyze these forms and phenomena. Uses case studies to consider how Africa articulates its place in, and relationship to, the world through creative practices. Discussion topics largely drawn from Francophone and sub-Saharan Africa, but also from throughout the continent and the African diaspora. Taught in English with a project that requires research in French.Limited to 18.

A. Edoh

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Subject meets with 21G.026