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2.797 2.797[J] Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Biomechanics

Prereq: 2.370 or 2.772[J]; 18.03 or 3.016; Biology (GIR)
U (Fall)
12 Units

Develops and applies scaling laws and the methods of continuum mechanics to biomechanical phenomena over a range of length scales. Topics include structure of tissues and the molecular basis for macroscopic properties; chemical and electrical effects on mechanical behavior; cell mechanics, motility and adhesion; biomembranes; biomolecular mechanics and molecular motors. Experimental methods for probing structures at the tissue, cellular, and molecular levels.

M. Bathe, K. Van Vliet, M. Jonas

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Same subject as 3.053[J], 6.024[J], 20.310[J]