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2.72 Elements of Mechanical Design

Prereq: 2.005 or 2.051; 2.008; Coreq: 2.671
U (Spring)
12 Units

Advanced study of modeling, design, integration, and best practices for use of machine elements, such as bearings, bolts, belts, flexures, and gears. Modeling and analysis is based upon rigorous application of physics, mathematics, and core mechanical engineering principles, which are reinforced via laboratory experiences and a design project in which students model, design, fabricate, and characterize a mechanical system that is relevant to a real-world application. Activities and quizzes are directly related to, and coordinated with, the project deliverables. Develops the ability to synthesize, model and fabricate a design subject to engineering constraints (e.g., cost, time, schedule). Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.Enrollment limited.

M. L. Culpepper

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