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2.006 Thermal-Fluids Engineering II

Prereq: 2.005; or 2.051, 2.06
U (Fall, Spring)
12 Units

Focuses on the application of the principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluid mechanics to the design and analysis of engineering systems. Laminar and turbulent flow. Heat transfer associated with laminar and turbulent flow of fluids in free and forced convection in channels and over surfaces. Pure substance model. Heat transfer in boiling and condensation. Thermodynamics and fluid mechanics of steady flow components of thermodynamic plants. Heat exchanger design. Power cycles and refrigeration plants. Design of thermodynamic plants. Radiation heat transfer. Multi-mode heat transfer and fluid flow in thermodynamic plants.

J. G. Brisson, A. E. Hosoi, R. Karnik, G. H. McKinley

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