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2.005 Thermal-Fluids Engineering I

Prereq: Physics II (GIR), Calculus II (GIR); 2.086, 6.0002, or 18.06; or permission of instructor
U (Fall, Spring)
12 Units

Integrated development of the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer with applications. Focuses on the development of the first and second laws of thermodynamics with special consideration of the rate processes associated with heat transfer and work transfer. Entropy generation and its influence on the performance of engineering systems. Conduction heat transfer in solids including steady-state and transient situations. Finned surfaces. Coupled and uncoupled fluid models. Hydrostatics. Inviscid flow analysis and Bernoulli equation. Internal and external laminar viscous flows. Turbulence. Boundary layers. Head loss in pipes.

J. G. Brisson, J. Buongiorno, P. F. J. Lermusiaux, K. Varanasi

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