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17.483 US Military Power

Prereq: Freshmen need permission of instructor
U (Spring)
12 Units. HASS-S

Examines the evolving roles and missions of US General Purpose Forces within the context of modern technological capabilities and Grand Strategy, which is a conceptual system of interconnected political and military means and ends. Topics include US Grand Strategies; the organization of the US military; the defense budget; and the capabilities and limitations of naval, air, and ground forces. Also examines the utility of these forces for power projection and the problems of escalation. Analyzes military history and simple models of warfare to explore how variations in technology and battlefield conditions can drastically alter effectiveness of conventional forces. 17.483 fulfills undergraduate public policy requirement in the major and minor. Students taking the graduate version are expected to pursue the subject in greater depth through reading and individual research.

B. Posen

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Subject meets with 17.482

Minor in Applied International Studies

...studies and social science, 17.591 Research Tobie Weiner , E53-483, 617-253-3649...

Minor in Public Policy

...also do an internship ( 17.901 ) to fulfill...Political Science, Room E53-483, 617-253-3649.