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15.075 15.075[J] Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis

Prereq: 6.041B or 15.0791
U (Spring)
12 Units. Institute LAB

Introduces a rigorous treatment of statistical data analysis while helping students develop a strong intuition for the strengths and limitations of various methods. Topics include statistical sampling and uncertainty, estimation, hypothesis testing, linear regression, classification, analysis of variation, and elements of data mining. Involves empirical use of hypothesis testing and other statistical methodologies in several domains, including the assessment of A-B experiments on the web and the identification of genes correlated with diseases.

R. Mazumder

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Same subject as IDS.013[J]
Credit cannot also be received for 18.650[J], 18.6501, IDS.014[J]

Management (Course 15-1)

Degree Chart for Bachelor Science in Management (Course 15-1)

Business Analytics (Course 15-2)

Degree Chart for Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics (Course 15-2)


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