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12.410 12.410[J] Observational Techniques of Optical Astronomy

Prereq: 8.282[J], 12.402[J], 12.409, or other introductory astronomy course; Coreq: 8.03
U (Fall)
15 Units. Institute LAB

Fundamental physical and optical principles used for astronomical measurements at visible wavelengths and practical methods of astronomical observations. Topics: astronomical coordinates, time, optics, telescopes, photon counting, signal-to-noise ratios, data analysis (including least-squares model fitting), limitations imposed by the Earth's atmosphere on optical observations, CCD detectors, photometry, spectroscopy, astrometry, and time variability. Project at Wallace Astrophysical Observatory. Written and oral project reports.Limited to 18; preference to Course 8 and Course 12 majors and minors.

R. Binzel, A. Bosh

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Department of Mathematics

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