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12.163 Geomorphology

Prereq: 12.001, Physics I (GIR), Calculus I (GIR); or permission of instructor
Acad Year 2017-2018: U (Fall)
Acad Year 2018-2019: Not offered

12 Units

Quantitative examination of processes that shape Earth's surface. Introduction to fluvial, hillslope, and glacial mechanics. Essentials of weathering, soil formation, runoff, erosion, slope stability, sediment transport, and river morphology. Landscape evolution in response to climatic and tectonic forcing. Application of terrestrial theory to planetary surfaces. Additional instruction in geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing analysis, field measurement techniques, and numerical modeling of surface processes. Students taking the graduate version complete different assignments.

T. Perron

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Subject meets with 12.463

Edgerton Center

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