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12.006 12.006[J] Nonlinear Dynamics: Chaos

Prereq: 18.03 or 18.032; Physics II (GIR)
U (Fall)
12 Units

Introduction to nonlinear dynamics and chaos in dissipative systems. Forced and parametric oscillators. Phase space. Periodic, quasiperiodic, and aperiodic flows. Sensitivity to initial conditions and strange attractors. Lorenz attractor. Period doubling, intermittency, and quasiperiodicity. Scaling and universality. Analysis of experimental data: Fourier transforms, Poincare sections, fractal dimension, and Lyapunov exponents. Applications to mechanical systems, fluid dynamics, physics, geophysics, and chemistry. See 12.207[J]/18.354[J] for Nonlinear Dynamics: Continuum Systems.

P-T. Brun

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Same subject as 2.050[J], 18.353[J]