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1.078 Introduction to Soil Science

Prereq: None
Acad Year 2017-2018: Not offered
Acad Year 2018-2019: U (Fall)

12 Units

Presents the physical, chemical, biological and genetic properties of soils, their global distribution, and response to management. Emphasizes factors controlling soil development, plant productivity, and the fate, cycling and bioavailability of soil nutrients and pollutants. Introduces Earth's different soil types and their classification; links characteristics with contemporary and historic issues surrounding natural and managed soil systems. Topics include soil carbon cycling, water and fertilizer management, and challenges associated with soil salinity-sodicity, erosion, and pollution. Includes field trips to local sites to examine soil physical properties, classification, and function. Introductory biology and chemistry are recommended prerequisites. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.

B. Kocar

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Subject meets with 1.78